Dr. John-Charles Hodge

A nationally recognised ENT surgeon

and thought-leader, based in North Adelaide

Dr. John-Charles Hodge

Dr JC Hodge is a leading ENT surgeon. He provides state of the art medical and surgical treatment to adults and children, as well as extensive contribution to research, training, and education in otolaryngology.

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Head and Neck disease
Snoring and Obstructive Sleep apnoea
Minimally invasive Robotic and laser surgery
Disorders of voice and swallow
Diseases of the salivary gland and thyroid
Paediatric ENT
General ENT

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Cancer Care

Dr Hodge works as part of the team at ICON Cancer Centre to deliver holistic, integrated treatment to newly diagnosed oncology patients.


Dr Hodge is passionate about providing accessible treatment for even the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re seeking public or private treatment, you can reach Dr Hodge at a number of hospitals and clinics.


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Snoring & obstructive sleep apnea

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Treatment for children

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My name is DR JC Hodge and I’m an ENT specialist from South Australia. I’m here to talk to you …

My specialist referred me to Dr JC Hodge after finding a sinister and concerning lump. In his words “I am going to send you to the best of the best ENT Surgeons in Adelaide”. I had this lump for many months without any specialist or Doctor being able to identify the problem. Within 24 hours I was booked in to see Dr Hodge and 48 hours later I had results back from a CAT and MRI scan. Two days later I was having a procedure done in hospital by Dr Hodge. This was all arranged and perfectly co-ordinated by Tamara – Dr Hodge’s excellent Practice Administrator. Needless to say that I was scared, uncertain and very worried about what my diagnosis was going to be. Dr Hodge was absolutely amazing. He was able to talk to me in a friendly, approachable and kind manner at all times and explained very clearly and professionally in detail- of what to expect and how and why surgery was being done. He truly has a caring and genuine interest with all of his patients. I have recovered beautifully and will continue to be monitored by Dr Hodge. I can not praise Dr Hodge highly enough – his credentials and ability to perform such important and state of the art medicine is remarkable and we in South Australia should be extremely proud and honoured that Adelaide is his home! - Marguerite
Dr Hodge has resolved multiple issues in both my throat and nose. For almost two years I struggled with swallowing and breathing in certain circumstances. We initially tried some simple remedies which helped but didn’t fully resolve my issues. Culminating in a small surgical intervention, the end results are beyond my expectations, I can breathe and swallow again. Thanks Dr Hodge, you have transformed my life! - M Cherry
I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Hodge and his secretary, Tamara for their exceptional care and professionalism for my father's neck cancer treatment. The successful outcome of the surgery has not only improved my father's health but also brought immense relief to our family. Dr. Hodge's surgical skill and dedication, coupled with Tamara's efficiency and kindness, made a challenging time much more manageable. I cannot thank them enough for their outstanding service and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of ENT services. - L Qian
Dr Hodge is an excellent surgeon, I had a Pleomorphic adenoma removed from my parotid gland. I have minimal scarring, and the scar that is there is very discreet. Dr Hodge has an extremely good bedside manner and ensured I understood all aspects of my surgery from start to finish, which is a rare quality these days. I would definitely recommend his care. - S Tiver
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