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Snoring & obstructive sleep apnea

Do Tonsil Stones Cause Bad Breath?

So you’re watching this video because you want to find out about tonsil stones and if they’re making your breath …

Treatment for children

To remove or shrink tonsils? What’s the best solution for my child?

My name is DR JC Hodge and I’m an ENT specialist from South Australia. I’m here to talk to you …


What Is Sound Therapy

We know that as you sleep your brain still listens to sounds and sound therapy in the program incorporates white, pink and red noise.


Foods to improve tinnitus

There are definitely some good and definitely some bad things when it comes to the subjective sense of tinnitus…


Sleep Mode & Sound Therapy

We’ve had a lot of consumer engagement with our product, Tinnitus Treatment, and we know it works. We’ve had some great results but people are time poor.