What Is Sound Therapy

Transcript: Hi! My name is Dr. JC Hodge and I’m an ear, nose and throat specialist from South Australia and a founding member of Tinnitus Treatment. Now that I have a Sleep Mode, I thought I’d do a short video on Sound Therapy. We know that as you sleep your brain still listens to sounds and sound therapy in the program incorporates white, pink and red noise.

White noise is like the static of the radio. I mean It’s good for people with insomnia. It increases the environmental sounds so that you don’t hear other sounds as you go to sleep.

Pink noise is low frequency dominant. It reflects things like rainfall, wind, rustling leaves. This has been thought to reduce your brainwave activity at night time, improves your memory and means that you wake up feeling more refreshed.

And then, there is red noise, sometimes called brown noise. This is high frequency dominant like thunder or waterfall. There’s not a lot of research into red noise at the moment but again it’s thought to provide a better quality night sleep.

For more information, go to my website at www.tinnitustreatment.com.au. You can get my app on Android or the Apple store and if you like this video, please share it with other people. Thank you!

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