Foods to improve tinnitus

Transcript: Does what i eat or drink affect my tinnitus either for better or for the worse? My name is DR JC Hodge i’m an ENT specialist and founder of there’s no really good evidence either way but there’s definitely some good and definitely some bad things when it comes to the subjective sense of tinnitus that patients experience and report in the literature.

I’ll start with the good so any food that that increases your potassium and therefore lowers your blood pressure is good this includes bananas, mangoes, papayas, pears or pineapple. Garlic and turmeric are thought to have a positive effect on people’s perception of tinnitus and then zinc and magnesium which are neurological stabilisers and have also been shown to help.

Now the bad, excessive alcohol, caffeine, processed sugars, salts or food enhancers such as MSD have all been shown to aggravate tinnitus. Now all of those or some of those, will have an effect on some patients and the best way if you’re uncertain if there’s an influence in your diet and how your tinnitus, is to exclude or add foods one at a time over a two week period and see if it makes a difference my name is JC Hodge

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